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scmeme: sam, dean + s3 for anon

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“Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent.”

— Wendy Flynn (via fourteendrawings)
12:19am July 22, 2014

Soar to new heights!


Soar to new heights!

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Annabeth ... Daughter of Athena.
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“We’re not at a convention but we’re at a place where they’re doing a play based on the Chuck Shurley books. So not only are these books based on our lives, now people are doing a play based on these books, and someone is haunting it, so we go and try to investigate what’s going on at this play, based on the books about our lives.”


Jared Padalecki on the 200th episode (x)

The noise I just made was completely inhuman.

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  • Plays: 13,965
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  • Track Name: Seven Devils
Florence and the Machine || Seven Devils

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  • you are 18 and you have a full ride to an ivy league school and nobody is thrilled and your heart is breaking because the room is too quiet at nights and the sound of your brother breathing next to you isn’t there and it’s just wrong there is so much wrong here but you can’t go back because you got out this is what you wanted
  • you’re shopping for a ring for this girl this saviour this angel (later you think that thinking of her as an angel felt like an insult) because she saved you she took your hand and navigated you around this world you had only seen from the sidelines and wanted to be a part of but never was able to and then
  • the smell of the smoke and burning flesh doesn’t leave you for months
  • clogging your air, weighing you down, and the guilt-
  • you killed her. you killed jessica.
  • there are dark circles under your eyes
  • ‘what would i do without you?’- ‘crash and burn’
  • you are 22 and you are dragged back into this world that you never really escaped, but are still trying to
  • and you have visions of people dying, and your head sears in pain every time and you know, you know this is real this is happening but why is it happening to me
  • your father told your brother that he might have to kill you
  • and you think- I can fight it
  • and you still pray 
  • but you can’t save ava
  • just like you can’t save the people who die in that hotel
  • just like you can’t save andy or any of the others 
  • and your brother sold his soul for you he sold his soul for you
  • you have a year to change the course of this plan because your brother sold his soul to save your life but you don’t see a life without his soul in it
  • you watch your brother die in your arms 100 times and you can’t, you can’t do it anymore
  • i don’t care what it takes, dean, you’re not gonna go to hell, i’m not gonna let you, i swear, everything’s gonna be okay
  • there is blood filling your brother’s mouth and he is being torn to shreds and his eyes are so so scared and they seem to be saying sammy you promised and you did and you failed him you failed your brother
  • your brother is in hell
  • because you could not do anything
  • and you still cannot do anything
  • the demons sneer at you
  • you go to see the new raiders movie because dean would have loved it and getting so drunk you can’t think is only getting you so far (that is to say nowhere) and you buy two tickets and you get the extra large popcorn because you’re always picking out of each other’s food but the lights dim and the space next to you is far too empty and it’s blaming you the absence is glaring at you. you leave the popcorn there, uneaten, when you leave halfway through
  • you have failed
  • ruby says she can help, saves you, heals you, feeds you her blood and you love her, in your own way
  • you can feel the poison in your system but it doesn’t feel like that after a while because you are so degenerate at this point so why not add this extra boost why not feel the power surging through you the power that you wanted when you watched helpless as the people you loved were ripped from you and your whole future was planned out for you
  • angels are not what you expected
  • he calls you a monster
  • leaves you a voicemail calling you a bloodsucking freak
  • and you think maybe dad was right 
  • you set the devil free
  • the world is ending because of you
  • and dean- dean can’t trust you
  • the amulet is in the trash
  • can you blame him? failure is written in your actions, your stars, the palms on your hand
  • (you don’t want to admit that you feel like you should miss the way the blood would sing)
  • your mother was beautiful
  • you are lucifer’s vessel
  • azazel bled into your mouth because it always had to be you
  • you are literally the perfect host for satan on earth and you are angry and you want redemption but a part of you hates yourself even more for it because you are the devil’s vessel
  • he is whispering secrets, showing you your life mapped out, the proof here that you were dragged along this path all your life, and you are angry
  • but you let him out, you did this
  • so you need to put him back
  • and you tell dean it’s okay dean i’ve got him it’s gonna be okay
  • you were soulless and you hurt people and it is your fault and you have to fix it
  • lucifer is running victory laps in your mind and you are in a hospital bed
  • you cannot sleep and you’re calculating the number of hours left until you will crumble but the numbers are running through your head like wading through maple syrup and everything is happening very slowly at the wrong end of the tunnel but you are dying, you are actually dying and you are too tired to care because it probably would have ended this way anyway
  • your brother is gone, castiel gone, everyone gone, and the all too feeling of your whole world imploding is back
  • amelia, you saved me
  • and you had that hope again, that there is something to salvage from the charred remains of what sam winchester used to be
  • gone, again
  • you are doing trials in more than one way and you can feel the weariness settling in your bones in a way that it never has before but there is something cleansing about feeling every cell on fire and the fire is sanctifying you
  • you will not survive this
  • but for once maybe the fire can cause something good

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sweeter than heaven and hotter than hell

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When a character you don’t like dies


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“There comes a time in every life when the world gets quiet and the only thing left is your heart.”

— Sarah Dessen, Just Listen (via quotes-shape-us)
10:38pm July 21, 2014

heaven’s just a thin blue line


heaven’s just a thin blue line

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Romione parallels.